Our Services

Our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Services Broadly Cover the Following Categories:

  • IP Markets suite of offerings in IP Services covers a wide range of services, to implement Business Strategy using Intellectual Property Strategy.
  • Identification and protection of Intellectual property in the form of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Trade Secrets and so on.
  • Enforcement and Protection of IPR
  • Management and Maintenance of IPR.
  • Exploitation and Commercialization of IPR.
  • Valuation of IPR.
  • IP Audit & Assessment
  • Formulation and Implementation of IP Policy and Procedures.

Our Approach

Our team takes up every assignment as a unique task and customizes the procedures and methods in a best suitable manner to the requirement with an aim to achieving the desired result.

Based on the requirement and need, our team would respond to the client schedules in providing timely solutions.

Engagement Models:

We ensure an ease of engagement by building the following framework:

Per Project Engagement:
Clients who prefer to test our approach, timelines and deliverables, may engage us on assignment basis for the specific project.

Retainer Model:
Clients who prefer our services on continues basis over a significant period may engage us on a monthly or quarterly retainer basis.