Mrs. Sheela Ram Kumar

Mrs. Sheela Ram Kumar graduated in Law from Osmania University in May 2017 and enrolled with the Telangana Bar in October 2017. She also has Masters in Commerce from Osmania University in 1992 and a Post Graduate diploma in Computer Applications in 1990.

Mrs. Sheela Ram Kumar joined as a software consultant with Satyam Consultancy services and continued till 2012 as a Project Lead. She had a long stint of service with VJ Infotech August 2000 to May 2001 and Goldstone, May 2004 till August 2006 and Maarij Web Solutions October 2006 to Sept 2007.She resigned from Satyam Consultancy Services in the year 2012 and freelanced as an external consultant in software for various Software companies till 2014. In the year 2014 she joined law with an intention to pursue a legal career. She completed her law in the year 2017 and immediately joined the Telengana Bar

Sheela Ram Kumar is very proficient in filing Trademarks and Copyrights online and she was doing the same even prior to joining LLB. As a qualified lawyer, Sheela Ram Kumar not only looks after trademarks or copyright filings for various clients but also deals with Oppositions, Rectifications and Revocations before the various Registries’. Having good command in English and Alacrity of mind are the additional features she carries to the table.

Mrs. Varalakshmi Makyam

A Masters in Computers, she was an associate professor with Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. An entrepreneur at heart, she completed her LL.B. and enrolled in 2017, to setup a practice in Intellectual Property through IP Markets