About Internship

Our internship program introduces students to the practice of intellectual property law and exposes them to our main areas of expertise. At the same time, our program is flexible enough to allow each student to concentrate on his or her particular area of interest. As in few areas of our practice, a technical background is important and in others it is not, we take professionals from both technical and non-technical background for our internship programs.

Once the internship has begun, the student is responsible for maintaining a journal and submitting a report every week to the internship coordinator. These reports (which can be submitted by email) should summarize the activities in which the student was involved during the previous week period. At the end of the internship, each student must submit a final report which will address the strengths and weaknesses that the student perceived in the internship program, and what the student learned from the internship.

Each student is formally assigned to a principal, who provides him or her with guidance and information, works with other professionals in the firm to regulate and monitor the student's workload, provide constructive feedback, and ensure that the student is exposed to the required elements of the Law.

The students also receive work assignments from the team members of the firm. Our team is responsible for advising and supervising the student on his or her work and provide constructive feedback. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to discuss work in progress with our team. We assign two types of work to our students: client work and project work. The client work involves dealing with specific issues that arise in the context of client files while the project work may involve research for papers to be presented by firm members, preparation of reports or summaries on important subjects or developments, or internal case reporting. We expect our students to take initiative, so as to help them inculcate practical professional skills in problem recognition, creative problem solving, communication and drafting among others. We assume that students are fully capable of managing a significant degree of responsibility.

It is our belief that legal profession involves more than just practice of law and hence, internal programs are designed specifically for the interns which also include a series of luncheon seminars presented by our team on subjects that relate to their areas of expertise. Students are also encouraged to attend regular practice group meetings, which are structured around the issues specific to practice areas and the firm's monthly meetings, which include presentations and the review of intellectual property law developments from the preceding month. In addition, the firm conducts a series of seminars on trademark law and patent law designed for the purposes of educating lawyers, patent and trademark agents and students.

Office Timings

Monday to Saturday: 09:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Subject to Following:

Except for those who have been allowed different office timings.

Leaving time in the evenings is subject to completion of work and permission from Managing Associates/ Partners.

To apply for an internship click on the link below and send it with your resume together with a cover letter to the email id mention below. Please write to us if you have any queries.

Email to: interns@ipmarkets.in

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