S.No. Name College Testimonial
1 Dheeraj Ranjan Symbiosis Law College, Pune IP Markets always has given a little more than promise. By virtue of being here, I also learnt few Telugu words from, Ashok sir: Em bidda, em sangat?
2 Shreya Singhal National Law University, Odisha I would like to thank everyone for being so friendly and treating everyone like a family. I honestly didnt know a law firm could function ultra-cool. Other firms are too competitive. I have learnt a lot in these couple of weeks. Interning here has cemented my choice of practice in the field too. I learnt a few Telugu words, thanks to Rekha madam.
3 Krishnam Goyal UPES, Dehradun I got appreciated a lot for my research work from both of the sirs. It was my happiest moment.
4 Kaushik Soni Pendakanti Law College, Hyderabad IP Markets is a mixture of fun and learning, just like being in a pre-school for practicing law. Vijay sir is an amazing analyst and Ram sir is an attorney with passion.
5 Surya Tej PNJ KIIT, Odisha It was really good experience here in IP Markets.
6 P Vishnu KIIT, Odisha When I drafted a document, I expected it to be a disaster, but rather it was appreciated. It was scary when Ashok sir exploded with anger and the entire office turned mute. But soon the environment changes like the wind.
7 Siddhesh Biyani National Law University, Odisha A place to not only about law, but also develop personality. This place has a proper balance between professionalism and familial environment.
8 Ishan Tiwari UPES, Dehradun IP Markets, every moment was better than the previous. The farewell party were filled with good times. I am dreading the day I have to leave this place.
9 Akanksha Raj UPES, Dehradun Here everyone is very friendly. The working environment here is chilled and relaxed. The best internship yet! I have learnt lot in these days, had a great time here. I was scared to sit in Ram sirs car for court visits for his fury driving.
10 Manjusha Boppanna Alliance University, Bangalore This is the first time I have worked in a law firm, and this has already set a bar for my upcoming internships. This place is nothing less than a family to me and I am very much proud to be a part of it. Thank you for keeping my morals high throughout.
11 Kartar Ramnani IBS, Hyderabad It was a real fun working experience at IP Markets.
12 P Rajeev Reddy ICFAI, Hyderabad I want to be the PM of India.
13 Lomada Vani Osmania University, Hyderabad A very kind and friendly atmosphere, definitely boast my confidence to come up with new ideas and drove me to work better. It is a one- of-a-kind law firms. Associates here are your teachers and genuinely remove your doubts without reserving any judgments.
14 Saketh Singh Jagannath University, Jaipur All the moments are happy here in IP Markets. I went blank when asked about the NDA, so those joining here, read all the documents provided to you.
15 Laxman Rai UPES, Dehradun The environment here is friendly, which is good from the research aspect of IPR.
16 Sai Krupa Manoj Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad This internship was by far was the best, the best place where I have work. Things that I have learnt here will always be useful. Much respect to Ashok and Vijay sir.
17 Ayushree Jhawar Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad Great learning experience from the intellects Ram and Vijay sirs. A very friendly atmosphere to be at.
18 Shreya Mundra Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad A great learning experience here at IP Markets. Getting to hear the arguments from both the sirs after court visit was a great way to look a coin from both the sides.
19 Jagruthee Sanghi NLU, Kochi The best moments working here were when Anji anna was get serving chai post-lunch and, hearing Ashok sirs arguments in court. I am highly indebted to Ashok sir for filling my interest in pursuing IP litigation. Vijay sir, thank you for showing that Google is our biggest weapon.
20 Chandana Arval Jindal Global Law School, Haryana Ashok sir, thank you for this wonderful experience and showing me your amazing arguing skills. Vijay sir, thank you for being a great mentor.
21 Nikita Wadehra Christ University, Bangalore Thank you for such an enriching experience here. I learnt how to be patient. Listening to Vijay and Ram sirs arguments were a great source of knowledge.
22 Mayank Rautela UPES, Dehradun How can I forget the car driving with both Ashok and Vijay sirs car. The funniest moment was when Vijay sir sang Kolaveri Di and Zindagi ek safar hai suhana while returning from a client. I will miss the IP Markets team. Thank you to both the sirs, you are amazing attorneys. Your collective work stand out. Thank you for clearing my doubts. Vijay sir creates a base, and Ashok sir layers them. You
both compliment in your work ethics. Anji anna, thank you for making the office feel very friendly.
23 Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan UPES, Dehradun Ashok sir, I have never seen such a learned, energetic, adventurous, jolly and smart that you are. You hold as a father figure to me, and I missed you on my last day. How to research? Answer: Vijay sir. Ride with both the sirs is great, individual is recommended as you see their funny side. Anji anna, thank you for your maska chai.
24 Sakshi Chanakya National Law University, Patna It is lovely to have worked under Mr. Ashok and Mr. Vijay sirs. I cannot forget the court visits. I will cherish each and every moment at IP Markets. Both the sirs are great and cool drivers.
25 Dhruthi Batchu Damodar Sanjeevaiah National Law University, Vishakhapatnam Ashok sir, you are the most interesting person I have ever met. I loved the stories about M-21s and F-16s. Vijay sir, thank you for making me comfortable.
26 Kshitij Agarwal KIIT, Odisha Ashok sir, I look forward to listening to your conversations, be it arguments at court or just any random discussions. Vijay sir, I love the way you work undistracted.
27 Ranjith Reddy Kondeti Osmania University, Hyderabad Going home with a lot of professional and personal experience and memories from IP Markets.
28 Vaishnavi Vasireddy Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad Ram Sir, you are simply excellent. Your choice of words is simply top-notch. Vijay sir, you are super down-to-earth. You made me feel comfortable. It was a good one-month at IP Markets. Thank You!
29 R Durga Latha Sri ILS Law College, Pune Ram and Vijay sir, I am thankful to both of you for the knowledge. I will miss this place. Anji anna, thanks for hospitality.
30 N Kiran Kash Gitam College, Vishakhapatnam Vijay and Ram sirs are both good lawyers and teachers.
31 Srujan Muriki Symbiosis Law College, Hyderabad 1. The only place I wish to work whole day, whole month and a whole year. I learnt how to work here, I wish you give me more opportunities to guide me better. 2. I still dont want to leave this place. This place gives me fun, knowledge and happiness. I am sad to be leaving at the end of my internship.
32 Sharmistha Mohanthy KIIT, Odisha Hats off to the entire team of IP Markets. Everyone is caring, and I really enjoyed working here. Thanks to Vijay and Ram sir for guiding me. I will miss Ram sirs driving. Anji anna, thank you for giving us prasad every Friday.
33 Payal Priyanka Patra KIIT, Odisha IP Markets is a must-interning place where we get homely+professional environment. Did not feel home-sick at all. Thank you Vijay and Ram sir for guiding us throughout. Ram sir, thank you for the fast and furious driving through bumpy roads.
34 Bhavana Ravulapally VIT, Chennai Absolutely love this place. Love everyone at the office. I dont want this internship to end. Vijay and Ram sir fight like five-year old.
35 Ananya Ankita Dash KIIT, Odisha Here was a journey I didnt want to end. Everyone in this office is like a family. They will give you knowledge. You feel at home, as if having known all of them all your life. Vijay and Ram sir are impeccable lawyers. Ram and Vijay sirs are not just father figures, they care for you like one. The friends I have made here will last life-long and surely will remain so.
36 Shraddha Mane Osmania University, Hyderabad This was my first internship, it has become quite a memorable one. Everyone is sweet and supportive. Thank You!
37 Ankitha Singh UPES, Dehradun What an awesome internship! Everyday is a new experience and a new learning. Kudos to the IP Markets team. Dont want this internship to end. Vijay and Ram sirs fight like kids. Ram sir, will remember your passion to work with utter dedication. Best month with the best people, ever!
38 Mohit Yadav UPES, Dehradun Its a great place to work. Everyday, new experience and a new learning. Fast and furious moment in Ram sirs car to reach a court hearing.
39 Anya Behera KIIT, Odisha An awesome place to be in. Everyone here is hard-working. Made really good friends and taking good memories from here. I shall forever remember good thoughts from here.
40 Sooraj Bhalla UPES, Dehradun Be humble to everyone you meet and enjoy life, as you would not know when the world would end. It was an impeccable experience here to learn. Ram sir, you are awesome, please stay like this. Vijay sir, one of the most intellectual persons I have ever met.
41 Apoorva Singh ICFAI, Hyderabad One hell of an experience with you guys! Please approve of my internship again! All the moments here are happy!
42 R Raju Mahatma Gandhi Law College, Hyderabad Each and every member here is close, loving and caring. The best internship!
43 KSLV Sudheera Osmania University, Hyderabad Good place to learn, learnt a lot. Vijay and Ram sir, thanks for guiding me.
44 Syeda Huzaifa Osmania University, Hyderabad Best place to intern for beginners like me. Ram sir has an amazing personality, has amazing knowledge in all fields. Vijay sir has made me
thorough in drafting. I attended my first ever Hindu pooja, Satyanarayana pooja at office, and I really liked all the rituals conducted by them. It is a cherishing memory.
45 Surya Dev Christ University of Law, Bangalore The seniors are really good with their work and in the way they deal with people. Thank you Ashok sir for enlightening me. Vijay sir and all the associates, thank you for helping me learn.
46 Karan Rampure Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad It was a great place to intern, learnt a lot. I wont ever regret choosing legal profession, inspired by Ashok sir. Love the in-between mid- talks while drafting a petition.
47 Prerana Damaraju Bharathi Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune Thank you Ashok and Vijay sirs, you guys are phenomenal at what you do. When Ashok sir sang Kaanta Laga in court while explaining copyright infringement. When we traveled in Vijay sirs car in fast and furious manner, putting 4 lives and 4 tires at stake. Thank God, we are still alive!
48 Lekha Rayapati Damodar Sanjeevaiah National Law University, Vishakhapatnam Vijay sir, it was a tremendous pleasure working with you. Ram sir, you have exceptional GK. Thank you for having spilled the best stories of your life. Court visits are always funny with Ashok and Vijay sir. I was initially scared to witness a fight between them over a case, then later in the course of my internship, I realized thats how they share a great bond.
49 Sahib Siddhu ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad Ashok and Vijay sirs, you both have an amazing style of working. The way you come up with ideas and give others also to hear them out, is really encouraging.
50 Tushar Parasramka UPES, Dehrdadun You guys are great! Your sense of humour, understanding of subject and approach to life is just amazing!